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Landscape: The Heritage Around Us

Date : 1-16 October 2017

The Cyprus since 1995, participates in the organization of events for the European Heritage Days. It is an institution established by the Council of Europe in 1991 and supported by the European Union. The purpose of this institution is to allow the general public to know and appreciate the architectural and cultural heritage. During this day, opened to the common historical and traditional areas, particularly those where access is not always feasible. At the same day organized numerous other events such as exhibitions, lectures, music and cultural events, etc. in order to touch the world with the tradition of each place.

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Theme for 2016: People-Places-Stories
Date: 03-23 October 2016

Theme for 2014: Stories from Stone"
Dates: 04-12 October 2014

Theme for 2013 : Recycler le Patrimoine
Date : 21-29 septembre 2013

Theme for 2012 : Itinéraires culturels
Date : 7-21 octobre 2012

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Theme for 2007: Heritage and Leisure
Theme for 2006: Traditional Arts and Social Life
Theme for 2004: Journeys to the past, visions for the future