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Discover Nature Together

In Finland the European Heritage Days focus especially on the cultural environment as a whole (built heritage, landscapes, archaeological heritage). The Finnish EHDs are called the European Cultural Environment Days. Over 200 events are organised in annually. They are arranged all over the country by local organisers, including private persons, communities and companies. In addition to the public events, people are also encouraged to celebrate the EHDs on their own. In Finland, the UN’s Action Plan for Sustainable Development is carried out through Society's Commitment. Several cultural environment pledges have already been made for the EHDs events.

Discover Nature Together 26th Aug – 10th Sep 2017
Finnish nature is a source of inspiration and a place to relax, and it can even provide building material for our identities. Many of the nature sites are also cultural environments where human influence is shown in one way or the other. The main events will start on the Finnish Nature Day on 26th Aug and highlight for ex. people’s relationship with nature, national parks, national urban parks, heritage biotopes, living cultural heritage relating to nature, environmental art, natural monuments and wood architecture.