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Know Your Heritage, Share Your Story

In Finland the EHDs focus especially on the cultural environment. The Finnish EHDs are thus called the European Cultural Environment Days. About 200-300 events are organised annually. In addition to the public events, people are also encouraged to celebrate the EHDs on their own. In Finland, the UN’s Action Plan for Sustainable Development is carried out through Society's Commitment. Several pledges have already been made for the EHDs events.

We are looking forward to events organised by libraries, archives, museums, family societies and associations, as well as by all interested parties – everyone is welcome to create activities for the Days. An event can be held in any local site. Previous activities include excursions, village or neighbourhood fêtes, guided tours, workshops and open doors events – but you can also come up with your own way of celebrating heritage!

Know Your Heritage, Share Your Story 3rd Sep – 9th Sep 2018

In 2018 the theme calls for us to collectively develop cultural knowledge and cultural practices. Let’s make heritage an opportunity for encounters and exchanges of ideas! This year we are collecting and recording stories about heritage in partnership with the Finnish Literature Society.

The aim of this year is to draw attention to the heritage of everyday life, of families and communities, microhistories, the practices of different age groups and different cultures – after all, European heritage is formed by our stories. The building blocks of shared European heritage can also be found in art, cinema, architecture and the different ways in which we tell our stories. Democracy and human rights are considered key European values – how can they be seen in our heritage?

The European Heritage Days’ theme of 2018 is part of the wider European Year of Cultural Heritage. EHDs play a key role in bringing this theme to life. In Finland, we are focusing on participation: giving everybody a chance to access and participate in heritage.