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Cultural and Natural Heritage of Montenegro

In 2017 Montenegro is joining the celebration of European Heritage Days with the theme “Natural and Cultural Heritage”, which will be celebrated on the local and national level in the last week of September, between 25th and 30th.

During the events, which will be organized in both coastal and northern municipalities of the country, participants will have a chance to be involved in the hacking trails, visits to national parks, as well as boat rides. Local institutions will organize exhibitions, presenting its natural and cultural heritage, and the EHDs will be announce trough the national conference, dedicated to the promotion, valorisation and protection of cultural and natural heritage of the country.

The events organized will be dedicated to local community, tourist, as well as children, who will have a chance to participate in photo competitions, art sections and sightseeing tours.

Themes year by year
2017 Natural and Cultural Heritage
2016 Cultural Heritage and Local Communities
2015 Industrial and Technical Heritage
2014 Intangible cultural heritage
2013 The celebration of 200 years since the birth of Petar II Petrovic Njegos/ 65 years of the normative and legislative protection of cultural heritage
2012 Stećci – medieval tombstones
2011 Antibaris - Ancient Mediterranean Treasure
2010 Njeguši
2009 Contemporary Montenegrin Painting from figuration to signs
2008 Fortresses of Skadar Lake – the heritage we do not know