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The landscape of the heritage- the heritage of the landscape

In 2017 we will be celebrating 25th edition of the European Heritage Days in Poland. This anniversary is a great occasion to discover the rich cultural heritage of Poland. The 2017 edition's theme is the landscape of the heritage- the heritage of the landscape. EHD will take place across Poland on the 9th-10th and 16th-17th of September 2017.

We use this theme to show the landscape of history and tradition in the natural environment and the record of the human’s action in the space as well. We will encourage people to read the multi-layered content which is transmitted by the particular components of landscape and their relations. Because the cultural landscape was not created by itself. It’s a result of the human’s actions knowledge, sensitivity, culture and the environment modifications. These processes have been created Polish landscape which we will discover during the EHD’.

This year’s edition is also an occasion to show the Polish heritage panorama, including the beauty of big cities and the picturesqueness of countryside. By using games and education we will show how the landscape and cities have developed and changed.

We will pay close attention to the need of the space planning, the maintaining harmony in order to give the next generations the landscape that we currently enjoy.