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Arts Heritage Entertainment

Theme for 2019: 

In the edition of EHD's 2019, to be held on September 27, 28 and 29, and in line with the European theme, Portugal had chosen to explore Arts, Heritage Entertainment. This theme is intended to highlight the many facets of the heritage linked to the arts as a source of entertainment, which allow us to live other dimensions of daily life, appropriating a part of the culture, becoming authors, specialists, guardians and protagonists.

This year, we invite everyone to explore the tangible and intangible components of arts and leisure related to heritage. From street shows to concerts, traditional theaters and museums, to contemporary cinema and digital art, heritage of arts and leisure can be spread on local, national and European stages for visitors and guests of all ages. The theme is comprehensive and may include, among many forms of arts and entertainment, sports, photography, tourism, circus, fairs, visual arts, cinema, radio, television, dance, parties or reading.