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Arts and Entertainment: Discover the artist inside of you - Artă și Divertisment: Descoperă Artistul din Tine

Arts and Entertainment: Discover the artist inside of you

Artă și Divertisment: Descoperă Artistul din Tine

September 10 - October 12

In the Republic of Moldova, The European Heritage Days  take  place  in  September and October.   Each event will be a real challenge for all the persons that are interested in the European art, culture and heritage. These three components will be the key, mandatory elements within the artistic program.

The cultural program is organized by the Ministry of Education, Culture and Research in the frame of the cross-frontier project between the Republic of Moldova and Ukraine with the financial support of the Council of Europe.

This year, within the EHD, the organizers will abandon the rigors and will change the destination of cultural institutions, through the interference of their offer. If people previously visited museums in order to admire exhibits, this time they will have the opportunity  to admire favorite characters from theatre plays right in front of them, in the museum halls. The exhibits will the ones to revivethe spirit of the epoch. At the end, guests will have the possibility to discuss with actors, to learn details about actor’s life. The main goal is to maintain alive the people’s  interest  for  theatre  and  museum,  as  well  as  to  develop  their creativity notwithstanding patterns and stereotypes.

Theatres host exhibitions that bring forward the European dimension of the art from the Republic of  Moldova  and Ukraine, as well as the artists that have promoted the European culture in our area.  We propose in this respect to organize inside theatres exhibitions of contemporary artists that  have  created  and  continue  to  create  in  an  European  framework,  by  organizing  successful exhibitions in various European countries.

In the frame of EHD a number of events, including exchange of exhibitions and theatre performances between Ukraine and Republic of Moldova are organized. In this way, we want to encourage people to learn more about culture heritage from our countries as part of common European cultural heritage.There  will  not  miss  during  events  nor  creative  workshops  for  children,  youngsters,  as well as for all the admirers of beauty. During EHD, there will be organized workshops: of painting,  dance,  theatre,  of  making  carpets,  embroidery  and  moulding  clay  (according  to Cucuteni-Tripolye  Culture’s  tradition).  Their goal is to educate the creative potential of thepublic, but especially that of children, and will offer them the chance to get acquainted with art and culture through direct participative involvement.