Republic of Moldova

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Theme for 2015: „Industrial and Technical Heritage”. Date: 24-27 September 2015

In 2015 the Republic of Moldova will celebrate the European Heritage Days between 24-27 September. This year Moldova joined over 30 European countries that share the same theme for this celebration – „Industrial and Technical Heritage”. The celebration is coordinated by the Department of Cultural Heritage, the Ministry of Culture, and other institutions, public authorities, civil society is involved. Citizens are invited to visit over 100 sites and events, consisting in open days, workshops, exhibitions, conferences, lessons, guided tours etc. EHD have the objective to raise awareness on industrial heritage and bring together communities to remember the process of industrialization in different periods. The events will emphasize the lack of care for industrial monuments and contribute to raising awareness on the importance of involving local communities in preservation of built heritage. The historic wineries represent one of most important industrial heritage in Moldova.

Theme for 2014: Cultural Heritage and Local Communities
Date: 22-27 September 2014

Theme for 2013: European Heritage Days
Date: 19-30 September 2013

Theme for 2012: Cultural Heritage and Society
Date: 17-28 September 2012