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"Cultural Heritage and Communities – Living with Heritage"

Theme for 2017: Heritage and Nature: A Landscape of Possibilities
Dates: September 2017

For the fifteenth year in a row, Serbia will dedicate the early autumn to the promotion of its exquisite cultural assets and historic treasures within European Heritage Days. The festival will follow the common theme “Heritage and Nature,” with numerous activities dedicated to exploring how our environment influences our lifestyles and lives in general.
This fresh new focus will enable people of all ages to discover the values of their environment, develop a greater understanding of their heritage and take part in some unique cultural activities. In previous years, the institutions such as the Government of Serbia building in Belgrade, Matica Srpska Gallery in Novi Sad, Franciscan Monastery in Bač, Vojvodina, were some of the most attractive sites that opened their doors to European Heritage Days visitors for free. In 2016, Belgrade alone had over 150 free programmes over 12 days, which was an exciting opportunity for visitors to discover the myths and mysteries of this historic capital.
The programme for 2017 is expected to be equally rich in the number of events, some of which have already been announced. Among them, an interesting youth-oriented activity will look to engage children and students in exploring the natural heritage around them.

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