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Heritage and Awareness

Date: September/October

Description: This year, the Heritage Days in Turkey took place in September and October in six cities; Gaziantep, Samsun, Amasya, Köyceğiz (Muğla), Mudurnu (Bolu) and Polatlı (Ankara) and was dedicated to the theme “Heritage and Awareness”.

The theme “Heritage and Awareness” has been chosen with the aim of raising the awareness of both local authorities and local people on the importance of cultural heritage and on the European Heritage Days.

Numerous events were organized within the Heritage Days programmes of these cities; such as panel discussions, excursions to archaeological sites for students and handicraft exhibitions. For example, in Polatlı (Ankara); the local authority provided free buses to people travelling between Ankara and Polatlı for three days. These people had an opportunity to visit the Midas Mound in Gordion, the capital city of ancient Phrygia and to attend a pebble-mosaic making workshop where they used the oldest mosaic making techniques. In addition to these, a bicycle touring was organized around the city and several mounds in the area and a ceremony was held for the completion of the main settlement mound of Gordion’s site design project. Besides, visits to the museums and the archaeological sites were free of charge during the events in all cities.

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