Emperors, Kings, Philosophers and Women’s Rights at the forefront of European Heritage Days in Austria


The largest cultural festival in Austria, Tag des Denkmals, is gearing up for another exciting edition. This year Austria will look back at the emperors, kings, philosophers who shaped its history, alongside an exploration of the last 100 years of rights for women. Cultural heritage will come to life to tell stories to thousands of visitors across the country on 29 September.

Exploring the theme “Emperors, Kings and Philosophers,” Tag des Denkmals 2019 will focus on several key anniversaries associated with some leading figures in the country’s history. Among these are of course Emperor Maximilian I, King Richard the Lionheart, and the great philosopher Ludwig Wittgenstein. The programme also features events that will celebrate the centenary of women's suffrage in Austria.



From beautiful medieval castles and churches to music events and guided tours, Tag des Denkmals will offer diverse opportunities for visitors to better understand and engage with their rich local cultural heritage.

The theme for this year allows for Austrian history and heritage to be explored in new ways. The full programme of events is available here. Some highlights include Geresdorf open-air museum, the bunker complex from the Cold War era in Bruckneudorf, and the Castle Park in Eisenstadt.

Carinthia will mark important milestones that connect Austrian and European history. The 820th anniversary of the death of King Richard the Lionheart and the 500th anniversary of the death of Emperor Maximilian I will be in focus in the region.

The era of Emperor Maximilian I will be on the menu in other regions as well, where exciting historical sites will open their doors for the public.

The origins of women’s rights will be highlighted through guided tours in Upper Austria, Salzburg and Styria. The Castle Museum in Linz is presenting a guided tour titled “100 Years of Women's Suffrage.” Exploring the history of Upper Austria in the inter-war period from 1918 to 1938, the tour emphasises the importance of the fight for women's rights.

The Federal Monuments Office will contribute to Tag des Denkmals with a special Open Day programme. The Hofburg will host the photo exhibition "Landscape and Garden," and a tour of the outer area with a special programme for children. Visitors will have the unique opportunity to meet the President of the Federal Monuments’ Office Christoph Bazil and find out more about the work of the department.

Last year’s theme “Sharing Treasures” inspired nearly 300 events across Austria. Over 67,000 visitors explored Austrian historical treasures during the festival. Building on the success of the last year events, Tag des Denkmals 2019 is up for another exciting season of heritage exploration. Aiming to raise the awareness of the cultural heritage and preserve cultural monuments, the festival offers various interesting events that celebrate Austrian culture’s place in European history.


For more information, visit the official website.