Concert "Pulse of Nature"

Njegoševa Street, Music Academy, 81250, Cetinje, Montenegro
September 26th, 2017 - September 26th, 2017

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Focusing on values that are rooted in natural heritage and pointing out the way natural and cultural heritage affect our lives and contribute to our welfare and social and economic prosperity, the concert organized by Music Academy will be combination of different parts of musical creations and interpretations of various genres which are suitable for open-air stages, directly communicating with nature. Another purpose of the concert is to promote the power of music therapy, a strong medium which has the deepest impact on our welfare, including different types of musical practice such as improvisation, singing and listening. The ambiance of park behind Music Academy where the concert will be held will provide exchange and communication within local and cultural community by raising awareness about the importance and meaning of natural and cultural heritage for human and nature’s welfare. The concert will be held on 26th September, at 14 o'clock.

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