Educational, cognitive event „Get to know the one next to you“

Anykščiai St. Aleksandras Neviškis Orthodox Church, J. Biliūno str. 59, Anykščiai
September 21st, 2019 - September 21st, 2019

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Educational, cognitive event „Get to know the one next to you“, which will introduce the history of the only Orthodox Church in Anykščiai and the Orthodox community along with the exhibition of old Orthodox books. The tradition of choral singing will be presented by the Orthodox Church of Anykščiai, Ukmergė and Vilnius singers of parishes.

Cultural heritage objects/sites to discover: Anykščiai manor site, the former school buildings, Anykščiai St. A. Neviškis Orthodox Church.

Organiser and more information: Anykščiai Arts Incubator-Arts Studio. Kamilė Bitvinskaitė, phone: +370 665 18834, email:

Co-organiser: Anykščiai Community of St. Aleksandras Neviškis Orthodox Church.

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