Personal Exhibition of the Moldovan Artist Tudor Zbârnea

Chisinau, Stefan cel Mare si Sfant Bd., 79
September 17th, 2019 - September 29th, 2019

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The exhibition presents the works of one of the best known Moldovan artists Tudor Zbârnea, the General Director of the National Museum of Fine Arts. His works were exposed in European countries and many European museums host his paintings. Tudor Zbârnea’s works belong with all their details to the Romanian school of art: firstly, a coherent, lucid construction, a very well-thought-out colour distribution on the surface of the painting, and, secondly, an accurate understanding of the color’s function. The colours in his paintings represent the attitude toward the art: it is a way to understand the world and to explain it to the spectator.    

He is awarded the Prize of the Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Moldova in the National Contest for Fine Arts. In 2010, he was awarded the Grande Medalle d'Or, the Prestige M.C.A. de Cannes Grand Prix International Salon, and in 2009 he was awarded the Honorary Title Art Maestro. In 2014 he gained the National Prize, granted by the Government of the Republic of Moldova, for great merits in the development of the fine arts

The exhibition is organised in the exhibition hall of the National Theatre „Mihai Eminescu” during the most important event for theatres in the Republic of Moldova: The Reunion of the National Theatres (common initiative of Republic of Moldova and Romania). This year, the V-th edition of the Reunion of the National Theatres, for the first time, will be included in the events organized in the context of European Heritage Days in the Republic of Moldova.

This initiative has the goal to ensure the connection between two great events organized at international level: European Heritage Days and the Reunion of the National Theatres. Our goal is to develop the love toward the Moldovan Theatre, part of the European identity and heritage. We are proposing to show to the public that theatre and plastic arts are part of the heritage and they are very close to each other. During the opening ceremony, visitors and admirers had the possibility to discuss in a friendly atmosphere with the Artist Tudor Zbârnea and the actors of the Theatre. We aim to convey to the visitor that plastic arts and theater are two forms through which a human being can express his soul state, vision, desires and aspirations. This joint action is a way to spread the information about EHD programe, the knowledge about European arts as a way of cultural entertainment.


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