Cultural Heritage Site of Effendi Villa and Nature of Adjara Region

568, Agmashenebeli Street, Kobuleti, Adjara
September 30th, 2017 - October 3rd, 2017
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In the framework of European Heritage Days 2017 Galerie Fontaine (FR) and Social Impact Hub “Effendi Villa” (GE) are holding LOAD exhibition in the town of Kobuleti, Adjara. The exhibition presents art works of young artists from Georgia, Canada and France who come to experience mutual exchange and create works for local communities of Kobuleti around the common framework – cultural heritage site of Effendi Villa and nature of Adjara region. The diverse cultural history of the site will enable the artists to create their own art based on a deep insight and specific contest of the place while the richness of Adjara nature will stimulate new visions and perspectives of the area. On September, 30 the artists will unveil LOAD exhibition and invite the local community, public officials together with the creative cultural sector and mass media to re-imagine and invigorate Effendi Villa using art, design, natural landscape and architecture to create informal meeting places for diverse groups and discussions of pressing issues and mediation. These art objects, installations and performances should stimulate reflection and discussion about the role of “green zones” as a vital part of public space, not just for rest and relaxation, but also for enlightenment and social interaction.

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