Archaeological Place of Choirokoitia
October 8th, 2017 - October 8th, 2017
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The Community Council and the Neolithic Choirokoitia Club in cooperation with the Department of Antiquities, organise the musical event "Musical sounds under the light of the moon", at 19:30 at the arhaeological site of Choirokoitia. The organizers will give the opportunity to RumbaAttack, a new band to present his own musical view under the moonlight. The event will be enriched with an interactive program that will be performed by actors and at the same time, the opening of the exhibition of the "World Heritage of Cyprus: history, myth and religion" will take place. Finally, the archaeological place will be distinguished by the use of technical and natural lighting performed by Victoria Coeln. The values and the spirit that emits a monument are the main reason for the existence and preservation of the monuments in time. Time affects a monument sometimes negatively and sometimes positive. The Archaeological Site of Choirokoitia, an UNESCO World Heritage Site, is a treasure trove of values that have developed over time. We would like to emphasize the archaeological, historical and, above all, educational value of the monument, in which, thanks to it, are recorded important elements concerning the political, economic, social and man-geographic situation of the period it represents. This event aims to highlight these values but above all to integrate local society into space and spirit with the ultimate goal of developing new ties and relationships between society and culture. There will be a guided tour at the archaeological site by Odile Le Brun, at 18:30-19:30 and it will be addressed to all attendees, regardless of age.

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