European Heritage Days in Lviv

Lviv, Ukraine
September 6th, 2019 - September 8th, 2019

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Arts and Entertainment of Lviv Citizens Before the Internet Age

Lviv focuses on leisure activities of Lviv residents, as well as on survey of their habits and preferences related to spending free time.

Is there a cultural life and entertainment during the war? Lviv withstood two occupations - the Soviet and the Nazi.

During the tour «Entertainment During the War: Between Ideology and Culture», you will learn about the changes that the war brought to the cultural life of the city, and which choices Lviv citizens creating that cultural life faced.

In 1894, there was an exhibition in Lviv that lasted seven months. About 1.5 million people visited it.

During the tour «Sofiivka and the Krajova Exhibition», the participants will walk along the territory of the former Krajova Exhibition to feel the greatness of this event, as well as along Sofiivka that is located nearby and where the residents and guests had fun.

At the Heritage Days, you will learn how Lviv hippies' struggled for identity and human rights, discover the famous hippies' vacation spots, get acquainted with the literature and music they were interested in and with the community of people free from stereotypes and standard relationships.

What is common to circus, hunting, racing, the Olympic Games, theatrical performances, the game of chess and the monument to Adam Mickiewicz in Lviv? During the tour "Equestrian entertainment: sports, art and recreation" рarticipants will learn about the little-known chapters in the history of the city.

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