Pharmacy At the Golden Crown

Grammar school students will provide commentary about the history of the monument on Saturday. On Sunday, there will be a lecture in two parts by Dr Jiří Jilík: the Golden Crown - the story of the pharmacy and the pharmacist Josef Stancl.
September 7th, 2019 - September 7th, 2019

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House land-registry no. 148 has medieval elements, but is not mentioned until 1606. In 1883 it was united with the neighbouring neo-Renaissance façade and decorated with sgraffiti. Original arcades were closed in 1884. Ceiling frescos attributed to J.I.Sadler. In 1885, the property came into the hands of ancestors of the present owner, and became a meeting point of national, cultural and political figures of the town and the area. The owners were forced to give up control of their property after the nationalisation in 1948 until 1991. The pharmacy has served its purpose continuously since 1689, i.e. more than 320 years.

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