European Heritage Days’19 project „Explore Samogitian Heritage by Entertaining: Plateliai“

Ežero str. 40, Plateliai
September 20th, 2019 - September 20th, 2019

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European Heritage Days’19 project „Explore Samogitian Heritage by Entertaining: Plateliai“. Participants of the European Heritage Days ’19 from Mažeikiai District will travel and participate in the European Heritage Days’ event organized in Plungė District. The event program:

10 am – 12 pm. Boating in Plateliai lake with a guide. EHD participants will visit Plateliai Lake, the most famous castle island, to hear the legend of Gervaz, who was looking for a princess comb on the lake. While sailing around Castle Island, participants will see and learn about one of the best-preserved castles of the 16th century. The first European underwater archeology research was carried out on the piles of European wooden bridges. During the boat tour participants will also be introduced to Šventorkalnis, where Plateliai old settlement with a manor house, church and the beginning of the bridge connection with Castle Island were located in the Middle Ages.

10 am – 12.30 pm. Participants of the event will boat with the instructor and independently in copies of the pilots that were found in Plateliai lake. Antanas Vaškys, a wood craftsman, will tell you about the exclusive technology of molded production.

1 pm – 2 pm. Educational program during which participants will get acquainted with Lithuanian / Samogitian folk games and taste typical Samogitian dishes.

* The event was co-funded by the Department of Cultural Heritage under the Ministry of Culture.

Cultural heritage objects/sites to discover: Plateliai Church of the St. Apostles Peter and Paul.

Organizer and more information: Plungė District Municipality. Chief specialist of Architecture and Spatial Planning Division Gintaras Ramonas, phone: +370 693 32 251, e-mail:

Co-organizer: Mažeikiai District Municipality. Chief specialist of Culture and Sports Division Rūta Končiutė-Mačiulienė, phone: +370 699 585 89, email:

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