Orienteering Game „101 for Lithuania“

Šiauliai Tourism Information Center, Vilniaus str. 213, Šiauliai
September 21st, 2019 - September 21st, 2019
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Orienteering Game „101 for Lithuania“. Orienteering game filled with creatively put together historical questions and tasks. The game uses the Action Bound gadget, which should be installed on your phone. The first three teams, having found all the necessary cultural heritage objects of Šiauliai city in the shortest possible time, will be invited to participate in the educational program “Sweet Lab” of the Chocolate Museum, which is located in the cultural building of Rūta Candy Factory.

Important! Pre-registration required by email ekskursija@visitsiauliai.lt,  phone: +370  415 23 110 or at the Šiauliai Tourism Information Center (Vilniaus str. 213, Šiauliai).

Organizer and more information: Šiauliai City Municipality. Chief Specialist Mantas Antanavičius, phone: +370 415 96 246 and Šiauliai Tourism Information Center – Virgilija Staševičiutė, phone: +370 415 231 10.

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