October 1st, 2017 - October 15th, 2017

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On Sunday, October 1st (15:30): guided tour and presentation in the northern mine of Mathiatis, in the area of ​​ancient metallurgy of Almyra and in the geological formations of the river Almyra (dykes). Presented by Ifigeneia Gabriel (geologist) and Thea Christoforou (archaeologist), both in Greek and English. Every afternoon at 17:30, between 2-15 of October, a photo exhibition on the cultural and environmental landscape of Mathiatis and Agia Varvara will take place at "Chrysanthos Charalambous Cafe". On Tuesday, October 3rd (18:30): lecture on geology, archeology and the environment of Mathiatis and Agia Varvara, presented by Ifigeneia Gabriel (geologist),Thea Christoforou (archaeologist) and "Friends of the Earth, Cyprus" (non-profit and non-governmental environmental organization), in Greek. The event will take place at the Church Hall of Saint Barnaba of Mathiatis. On Thursday, 5th October (18:30): first lecture on the mining of copper and its importance in the history of Cyprus. The need of preserving of all historical material evidence, presented by John Malpas (Professor of Geology) and second lecture on the archaeometallurgy of Mathiatis and Agia Varvara areas and its significance for the cultural heritage, presented by Thea Christoforou (archaeologist). Both lectures in English. The event will take place at the Church Hall of Saint Barnaba of Mathiatis. On Saturday, 7th October (14:30): tour in the southern mining area of Mathiatis which is a candidate to become a UNESCO protected monument of world cultural heritage which falls within the common category of natural and cultural landscapes. Then, visit the archaeological site of Mavrovouni to the ruins that are characterized as monuments and explore the landscape and the view of the mountain Strongylos and end the excursion at the chapel of Saint Eftihios. Tour guides will be Ifigeneia Gabriel (geologist),Thea Christoforou (archaeologist) and Argiros Solomou (architect). On Wednesday, 11th October (18:30): short documentary on the ancient metallurgy in the region of Almyra Agias Varvaras with main speaker the archaeologist Walter Fasnacht and documentary "Troodos and the birth of Cyprus", both in Greek and English. On Saturday, 14th October (18:30): Haris Nicolaou from the Forest Division will give a lecture in Greek about the region's fauna and the need to preserve it, at the Church Hall of Saint Barnaba of Mathiatis. On Sunday, 15th October (10:30): at the village's square, Argiros Solomou (architect), Anthi Gabriel and the Volunteers EVS of Cultural Almyra, will present the alakati near the square, followed by a tour at the watermills along the Gialias river and the Natura region. In the afternoon (16:00), at "Chrysanthos Charalambous Cafe", stories by older people will be heard about their experiences as they experienced the mines, the watermills and the other monuments of the area and there will be a discussion, both in Greek and English.

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