Open doors of the Museum of Jewish Community Dubrovnik

The Museum of Jewish Community Dubrovnik, Žudioska 3, Dubrovnik
September 28th, 2017 - September 28th, 2017

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In the Museum of Jewish Community Dubrovnik are kept and curated for 88 objects, which form a very valuable collection of religious objects as well as precious historical items form everyday life of Jews of the Dubrovnik region. The exhibition presents relevant and worthy items of Jewish faith and tradition, with utmost importance for Jewish cultural heritage, among others sacred books of Torah from 13th century, which were brought to Dubrovnik after Jewish exodus from Spain in 1492, following Torah from 17th century, and many more objects of artistic, cultural and religious value. For the occasion of the cultural manifestation of the “Days of European heritage 2017”, the museum will be opened to the public as well as expert guidance will be ensured.

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