Opening exhibition "Water – the Gift of Nature"

Museum of Macedonia Josif Mihajlovic 7, Skopje
September 15th, 2017 - September 22nd, 2017

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The exhibition presents kitchen and tableware, as well as other vessels for fetching, serving and drinking water. Starting with 5th millennium clay ascoi for fetching water, the exhibition will present a whole array of pottery, copper ware and other objects used for water dating from the Neolithic till the present day. It also gives consideration of various myths, beliefs and traditions associated with the magical power of the water. Through photographs it also gives references to customs and rites related with water. The exhibition also gives an overview of the use of water as an energy power for performing various activities in the traditional husbandry. The author of the exhibition is Nada Andonovska The launch of the EHD and the exhibition is followed by Europe Live(s): Concert of Ljupa Angelov mash up with D Daltons, DJ Chvare, SUB BASS JAZZ & DJ Game Over


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