The journey of the Tarots

Mario Riccardo Migliara
Community engagement, Education
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A simple deck of cards started as a game with some paintings and drawings on it. Twenty two characters start to tell their story speaking . So the 22 Arcans intersects themselves ad reveals as they develop in the Magics Tarots we have now.

The Arcans of the Tarots were influenced from 1400 till now from different cultures , people , languages , religions and misteries. The Arcans start telling their story in a journey around Europe, who touched them and who decide to develop them. How people could read them in different ways and how symbols on it are observed. The story is seen not from the poin of view of the oracles but from the normal people that exchange meanings with the tarots. The lifes of the characters became real , developing themselves around the different nations and touched by different people. The fool starts as the first card and exhibits the entire deck of cards inserting his madness in his choiches and in his tales, telling us who influenced his life and where he wants to go. The use and costumes around the 22 cards are part of the story , the people who in different laguages influenced the icons and created new profiles . The point of view is not one but the multiples points of view of the journey of the tarots is the point of view of Europe , a country composed by a multiple voices and a story generated by many stories. Mario Riccardo Migliara . . Phone 3388491203 . via govone 18 milano

European Dimension

A simple deck of cards with ancient origin starts to travel around europe and acquire differents values and influences. The meaning is the natural exchanges among people, traditions , styles of life in Europe. Like a music simphony the Tarots are influenced by different notes , armonies that develop in a unique entire soul with multiples voices.

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