When the fall is a new beginning / Když je pád novým začátkem

Czech Republic
Mgr. Hana Lamatová
Education, Youth oriented
Digital, Intangible
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Through the short animated video of the picture The Fall of Phaethon, we will provide a traditional ancient story to the public. The picture from the permanent exhibition of the Olomouc Archdiocesan Museum presents the cultural context and social relations deeply ingrained in the European history. The video will bring added value: it offers a intergenerational dialogue and common sharing among children, adults, disabled and minorities who are keen to understand the context of the majority life.

We will retell a story about a son searching for his father. About his endeavour to impress him and to get equal with him which ends tragically, about the fatal consequences of behaviour, about our ancestor´s view on meaning of the world and on its earthly and cosmic regularities. The son of the God of Sun Helios, Phaethon persuaded his father to lend him a sun-carriage just for one day, so he can feel as his father and cruise the sky. But, the fire horses recognized soon they are not held by a strong hand of God so the carriage lost his track soon and Phaethon lost the reins.The carriage rushed uncontrolled through the sky and its blaze was destroying the sky and the Earth. Some part of the Earth were burned and turned to desert, the skin of the citizens of Africa got dark, the Earth was bursting, and the Empire of Death got open. The Heavens threatened to fall in and the Earth seemed to get into chaos. At that moment, the highest god Zeus intervened and by a thunderbolt he brought Phaethon down into the deeps of the constellation of Eridan, which flows like a river through the sky. Phaethon did not survive, but all the damage was set up right again. Until today we can remember the ride of Phaethon – in the form of the desert line on the Earth and in the form of the Milky Way in the Heavens.So we can experience on daily basis that every fall has its new begin. This story will be described in the short animated video of the picture by Frans II. Francken The Fall of Phaethon.

European Dimension

Visual art is an important part of the cultural heritage. Especially the old art and stories from the antique-Christian time offer stories bringing experiences of many previous generations and for nowadays generation, they still remain very up-to-date. Mainly in the time of relativisation of the traditional values and cultural matrix, it is important to become acquainted with these stories; therefore the idea of the project is strongly educational. Another important part of the project is the choice of the modern technology which is especially by the young public accepted in a positive way. We interface the educational video with a moving painting which for sure will strengthen the presented idea itself by the target group. The aim of this short film is a pilot project of a whole set of animated films. The chosen form seems to be very suitable for a broad spectre of target groups (adults, children, visitors with hearing disorders, foreign visitors without knowledge of Czech language etc). Another advantage is the easy way of controlled sharing via social networks which will increase the impact of the idea. Finally, the  video will be used as motivation element during the educational accompanying programmes which help unfold the topics included in the story (family relationship, responsibility of the individual towards himself, society, nature etc.) The video will be used as an original advertisement of the Olomouc Archdiocesan Museum, the holder of the EHL prize.

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