Europe is Ringing!

Eliseo Martínez Roig
Community engagement, Education, Cross-frontier collaboration, Youth oriented
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“Europe is Ringing!” is a project that emerges from the common need of a shared movement to facilitate bell ringers to meet up and work together.
The History of Europe has developed with the music of bells. This language has survived until today due to the work of communities.
Bell ringers are present in their towers, sharing and passing on the knowledge of their rings to new young generations.
We want to locate bell ringers and unite them in order to preserve and spread this heritage.

“Europe is Ringing!” is a project that emerges from the common need of a shared movement to facilitate bell ringers to meet up and work together.

The first goal of this project would be to locate all the communities, individuals and groups that are ringing their bells. Despite it is a hard work is essential to start a bell ringers’ net. Almost all bell ringers share the same needs in order to keep alive the tradition. For that reason we need to know all the people who is involved in this intangible cultural heritage.

Another goal would be to know how every bell ringer or bell ringers group ring their bells. Bell ringing is a common language but different in every tower, so the musical options are infinite!

Once the research will have moved forward, it would be available through the project website, and linked to a digital app, which would locate bell ringers.

Our first goals would be easy to reach by creating a working team in several countries and by starting a fieldwork and research.

Bell ringers are, nowadays, voluntary people who enjoy ringing bells and studying, promoting and spreading this beautiful living heritage. New generations are engaging the hundred of teams that exist. All of them are the bearers of this antique knowledge and they also represent the future of that amazing music which is present along our life.

Let’s make European bell ringers join together in a shared and common movement that would help them in their needs and would represent them.

European Dimension

As bell music has been present in Europe since centuries ago, it is easy to understand this cultural heritage as a common one. Identifying and promoting communities that are working in order to preserve this heritage is a key point for further collaboration.
The fieldwork that is needed will show the efforts and the local testimonies of people that take care of transmitting their knowledge to the new generations.
The objective of reinforce the cultural common space of Europe would be a main in this project, due to the fact that countries in the territory share this cultural expression.
By developing this project, which would represent them, their needs and their achievements, communities would be rewarded and recognized by the European institutions, and that would suppose an important step in maintain the motivation of bell ringers.

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