" RevitaliZArte" Discovering small, rural an hidden cultural heritage in Spain, through music with young artits.

Pilar Martínez Arce
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Spain is considered a country with a great cultural heritage and even more, with some World Heritage Sites. However, not all this heritage is known. There is a heritage with great value but in small towns far away from tourism. We want to promote these monuments with the help of young artists (musicians, photographers, and artists...) by designing different events under the slogan of "Art and entertainment", also used for the European Heritage Days 2019, aiming to promote culture. This Saturday, "Jazz under the porch" will unveil a medieval Romanesque church placed in a village named San Román de Larraya. Romanesque, undoubtedly, is part of European art and culture.

Patrimonio para Jóvenes is an association with the objective of sharing and promoting cultural heritage, especially art, among young people. And even through heritage, seeks to create a possibility of promoting young artists. RevitalizArte means "revitalize." Through jazz, flamenco and music in general, for example, we surprisingly discover the amazing effect of sound in medieval architecture (not in cathedrals and big churches) Horreos, an old special architecture built to preserve crops from humidity, mice, etc., will also be promoted with our music and visits. Attendees will be asked to participate creatively to foster the place. We also encourage a reflection on how and in what way our community is really involved when it comes to preserving, maintaining and sharing their own heritage. Do Europeans know how huge and amazing our culture is? Are we only worried about the known museums? The activities are carried out during the year, on Saturdays, sponsored by local companies and, at some point, by local councils. More information is available on our website patrimonioparajovenes.com Our email asociacion@patrimonioparajovenes.com

European Dimension

Romanesque and medieval art, due to the Way of St James is pan-European. On the other hand, Europe has large areas of crops that generate a great expression of folklore, architecture and other cultural expressions. Los Horreos are small typical buildings of the northern region of Asturias, but there are another 22 in Navarra. Through our activities, we want to create a link between this heritage in Navarra (part of this area is included in the Camino de Santiago) and its culture of farms that keep in contact with farmers from other European countries.

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