Tales of Anjala Manor

Kirsi Sali
Community engagement, Education, Youth oriented
Digital, Intangible, Natural
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Anjala manor is an old manor in Anjala village. The manor has seen many wars and interesting characters during the years. The manor has also been a museum but is now empty. We want to tell stories from old days using new technology, augmented reality. With the technology we can show people how the manor and life have changed during the years. Our target groups are school children visiting Youth centre Anjala, resindents of nearby villages and cities and tourists who visit the area.

"Anjala manor was founded in the beginning of 17th century. Manor and its surroundings, Anjala village, are full of stories about people who have lived in the area. Anjala is located by the river Kymi. The river has been a border between Sweden and Russia. Anjala has seen many wars and fights about the ownership of the river. Also later history, with the rise of paper industry, can be seen in Anjala.

Youth centre Anjala is located in the same yard with Anjala manor. The centre in one of the nine national youth centres in Finland supported by the Ministry of Education and Culture. The national youth centres have a non-profit civil responsibility to support good life for children and youth. Youth centre Anjala provides camp schools, camps for children and youth, adventure days for all and many other tailored events from request. Now Youth Centre Anjala is developing also cultural tourism in the area. Anjala manor and its rich cultural heritage is the basis for developing tourism. This year the manor will have an AR-application With augmented reality one of the main halls in the manor will be furnished with furniture from the 19th century.

In the upcoming project Youth Centre Anjala wants to expand AR to other rooms and yard and tell more stories about old Anjala. The AR application will be used with camp school children and other youth and children groups visiting Anjala. Also the app tells individual tourists about the cultural history and colorful people who have lived here. "

European Dimension

Anjala has been a border area between Sweden and Russia and both countries have affected in the culture in the area. The village has seen foreign owner families in the manor. The families have brought new ideas with them from other parts of Europe. Despite its location in the furthermost corner of Europe, Anjala village has been a multicultural place for centuries. During Gustavian war in 1788, a coupe of Swedish officers wanted to end the war with a letter to Russian queen. This gesture for peace was rejected but it is said that it was the first gesture towards independency in Finland. 

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