“Slovo juga“ – South Serbian Cultural Heritage Magazine

Dragan Ilić
Diversity, Education
Digital, Intangible, Natural, Tangible
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We wish to connect both younger and older generations, showcase people, customs and events, and preserve rich tangible and intangible cultural heritage from the south of Serbia.

“Slovo juga” is a magazine dedicated to revitalization of cultural heritage of the south of Serbia through authentic stories about important people, folk tradition, customs, old times... These are mainly historical stories, old anecdotes, stories about important families or other exclusive stories from the south of Serbia. “Slovo juga” is available in printed and digital editions and is the largest media source of this nature. "Slovo juga", roughly translated “South Times”, is on its path to become one of the rare custodians of customs and traditions that can not be read in textbooks, weekly newspapers or other daily sources of media. This unique magazine started publishing in 2016 and is the only printed magazine in the south of Serbia covering topics related to the revitalization of cultural heritage, culture of memory, life and planning in the south of Serbia. With its content and stories, “Slovo juga” fosters the values of national and European pride, such as freedom, equality and human dignity. Freedom, because our ancestors often sacrificed everything they had to fight for Serbia as an independent country. Equality, because all of us share common origin, history and cultural heritage, despite our small differences. Human dignity, because human values have been respected even at a time when today's cities were small rural villages. In addition to the printed edition, the magazine is distributed to the Internet users in digital format, without limitations, so as not to lose its originality and retain the content of its printed form. Using modern distribution systems, the edition of the "Slovo juga" magazine in digital format can be followed without restrictions anywhere in the world, and that gives the media content published in our magazine a great advantage over all other mediums and formats that have distribution and content availability limited by geographic and time factors.

European Dimension

“Slovo juga” develops intercultural dialogue by raising awareness among people about common values that represent what connects us with the rest of Europe, without which we would not be where we are today. By giving access to information about our history and origin, we strive to show that among all the European nations there are many things that connect us. Even the smallest part of the local cultural heritage has its role in the wider story, which is exactly what we are trying to show.

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