Maria Gonzalez
Community engagement, Diversity, Education
promotion of EU culture-related campaigns & celebration of international days, Intangible, Natural, Tangible
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“Celanova&Beyond” is a cultural Facebook page whose posts are published in 7 European languages (Spanish, English, German, French, Portuguese and Galician) and are devoted to the promotion of the natural and cultural heritage - both tangible and intangible - of our area - Celanova and surroundings -- located in a rural setting in the hinterland of Galicia, Spain.  

I created “Celanova&Beyond”, a cultural Facebook page, where I publish posts in 7 European languages (Spanish, English, German, French, Portuguese and Galician) devoted to the promotion of the natural and cultural heritage (both tangible and intangible) of our area (Celanova and surroundings) located in a rural setting:
• promoting best practices, a greater awareness and a greater degree of protection towards of our heritage among locals, which would positively contribute to the community’s self-esteem
• stressing the uniqueness of our heritage (especially regarding our intangible cultural heritage: our language – Galician – and literature, our folklore, our gastronomy, etc.) and at the same time its European dimension (Roman, Romanesque and Baroque architecture; Benedictine Order; Natura 2000 Network, etc.)
• promoting quality cultural tourism to attract visitors especially from other European countries in order to put a stop to the rural population drift and to the brain drain among youth.
“Celanova&Beyond”  has been included as an event in the website of the “European Day of Languages”
“Celanova&Beyond” is a member of “Future for Religious Heritage”
“Celanova&Beyond” has followers from all over the world, but especially from several European countries
Contact details: https://www.facebook.com/Celanova-Beyond-2064982277106672/

European Dimension

“Celanova&Beyond” promotes the understanding of the shared history of Europe through the pan-European nature of our heritage: Roman, Visigothic and Baroque architecture; traditional rural Carnivals and our religious-related celebrations – Holy Week, Corpus Christi, etc.; our regional Romance language – Galician -; the Benedictine monasteries linked to the Benedictine Monastery of Celanova (incluiding its past network of priories within Galicia and its presence in the so-called “Ribeira Sacra” – a cultural landscape with the largest concertation of Romanesque religious buildings in Europe) as well as its crucial role in the continuity of wine production in Europe after the fall of the Roman Empire; Designation of Origin regarding Ribeiro wine; the “In Tempore Sueborum” exhibition on the Suebi – the first independent kingdom in medieval Europe; the “Natura 2000 Award”; 1% for Culture campaign; European Day of Early Music Day; .
We publish our posts in 7 different European languages: Spanish, English, German, French, Italian, Portuguese and Galician.

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