Heritage for Gender Equality

Community engagement, Education, Youth oriented
Intangible, Tangible
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Program of activities and regular actions that explains the heritage and puts it at the service of education in gender equality, to build a more just and balanced society

4 different actions and activities (recreation, didactic unit, workshop for families, thematic guided tour) and aimed at different audiences (community, school, adults, families), highlight how heritage teaches us about the past and the present. They promote interactivity, they are participatory, they improve our knowledge and lead to debate. They are part of a transversal program with a pedagogical objective: to educate on gender equality and on the need to overcome our barriers.

European Dimension

It's in perfect harmony with the theme of the European Year of Cultural Heritage ("Where the past meets the future"), and affects one of the pending issues to be solved with equity in our society: the gender equality. The values ​​that it sustains and transmits form part of substantial aspects of the Europeanist spirit: cultural heritage is a common heritage, contains a message vehicle beyond its "physical" explanation and it diversifies the way in which society must be educated in shared values by entire EU

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