Hellenic Ministry of Culture and Sports, Ephorate of Antiquities of the City of Athens, competent authority for the EHL site "The Heart of Ancient Athens"
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Our story will be a kaleidoscopic and artistic presentation of the material evidence of the European values within the territory of our Site, in order to trace the European identity.

The formation of the city-state and the birth of democracy, the building and analysis of language structure, the cultivation of discourse and philosophy,
the centrality of political activity and the foundation of political thought,
the representation of natural world and human society in visual arts and even more in performing arts and drama, the scientific thought and research as born and developed in Ancient Greece comprise the DNA of the European thought and conscience.
The Acropolis and the surrounding archaeological sites were the scenery of events, initiatives and inventions that continue to be a source of learning for thousands of years and the material expression of the Greek contributions to intellectual history, the emphasis on logic and reasoning, an ordered universe or cosmos, the centrality of civic life, and human action rather than divine will as causation.

European Dimension

Our story aims to increase understanding of the shared history of Europe, focusing on values of pan-European nature: freedom of expression, democracy and the rule of law, citizenship and participation, scientific thought and human creativity that underpin European integration.

Legal body/representative

Ephorate of Antiquities of the City of Athens

Eleni Banou, Director

Description of the project

The project proposes the production of a short film on a teenager strolling the EHL Site “The Heart of Ancient Athens” (Acropolis and Theatre of Dionysos, Agora, the Pnyx, Kerameikos, Roman Agora, Library of Hadrian) discovering the materiality of European values in their formation, during the classical period. The script will be co-authored with school groups that participate in the school network of the Site and professional script writers.
Relevant educational material will be produced and disseminated.

Legacy of the project

The film and relevant material (digital leaflets and activity sheets) will comprise the "Kit of Europe" and will serve as an educational toolkit available to schools in Greek and English to inspire work in class promoting European values, as well as to prepare the visit to the Site.

Budget breakdown

8000 Euro for the production of the film
2000 Euro for the design and production of the educational material

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