Anjala Ghost Stories

Kirsi Sali
Digital, Tangible
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Anjala manor and Anjala village have seen life for centuries. The manor has an own ghost, the Grey Lady, but people have seen and feeled things, that can not be explained. Also the Anjala village and its old graveyard have many stories about inhabitants and battles in different wars.

Already in 1840s Zacharias Topelius told about Anjala manor and its ghosts. The manor has an own ghost called the grey Lady. It is told that only the family who has owned the manor, can see the ghost. Still several people have seen and heard things that you can not explain. Nowadays especially windows in the building are interesting. People see characters in the windows. Several stories have been collected about the manor and its park: footprints of a child on the Oak Alley in a cold November morning, crying in the red room in the manor, steps that are following you in the stairs... Now Ankkapurha Culture Foundation has rented the manor. The foundation has made an application, where you can see with your own phone old furniture in the rooms of the manor. We want to expand the application and add also people and music in it. We would like to tell also the ghost stories with the app, so that all people could see the Grey Lady.

European Dimension

Anjala manor has always been international place with its owner families. The noble families have had contacts to accross the Europe and also Swedish kings have visited Anjala. New movements have come to Finland usually with the owners of manors. Nowadays the manor has an international youth centre as its neighbour. Youth from all over Europe can visit the youth centre in camps and do voluntary work in the youth centre.

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