Elizabeth Coelho
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Encourage the work of public librarians in Europe because they have easy access to European citizens of all ages and cultures.

European librarians can work different European issues from their libraries as well as promote a social integration of their citizens . It would be motivating to create some awards for European librarians for their good job and an European network of librarians.

European Dimension

Public libraries are of great importance throughout Europe as they are also a meeting place for many European citizens. If the European librarians are united and motivated, they will be able to do a great job about Europe from their libraries.

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We are a small public library and wanting to let know what happens in different places of Europe. Another of our goals is to be in touch with European libraries and giving visibility to libraries in Europe. In Madrid we have a network of Euro-Libraries, although this is helpful but it is not enough if the librarians don’t get more participation and motivation to work on it. It would be fine to create a network of public libraries around Europe and awards for European librarians for their good job.


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