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Theme for 2019: Restoration

In European Heritage days of 2019 in Latvia art of restoration will be celebrated September 12-15. Outstanding values are passed to the hands of cultural heritage experts, researchers, restorers owners, and users every day. The fate of historical objects depends on the competence, co-operation capacity and integrity of each member of these stakeholder groups. The heritage protection cannot be conceived without professional restoration, where historical values, saved from desolation and destruction are returned to society. This is the process of investing love to the profession, loyalty to the values, inexhaustible energy, diligent and patient work, the burning desire to discover and understand the object, to highlight these values for admiring – unhurriedly, responsibly and with highest professional skills. The concept of restoration traditionally means the scientifically justified renovation of the monument or a part thereof based on respect for original material and technique. This does not mean that only the initial substance of the object should be retained in the restoration. Layers – qualitative modifications from previous times, even the loss of some elements, damage and natural wear – are a testimony of time and historical value. Restoration is a beautiful engagement! It demonstrates a wide range of creativity and symbolizes our responsibility for the future!


The European Heritage Days in Latvia are coordinated by the National Heritage Board of Latvia and supported by the State Culture Capital Foundation. Information and program in Latvian: For more information click here.