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Discover the heritage of the Centenary - Atraskime šimtmečio paveldą

Theme: "Discover the heritage of the Centenary"/"Atraskime šimtmečio paveldą".
Dates: September 21-23 2018

On September 21-23, the annual European Heritage Days will be held all over Lithuania. This year Lithuania celebrates a very important date - the centenary of the restoration of its independence. The events of the European Heritage Days will not fall short of this topic as this year's theme is "Discover the Heritage of the Century".

This year’s European Heritage Days invites the public to get to know the tangible cultural heritage of the last century. Participants will have the opportunity to take a deeper look at the objects of cultural heritage that have created Lithuania's identity: state-owned monuments, modern architecture and many other places and objects that marks restored Lithuania.

During the European Heritage Days in Lithuania, cognitive walks, announcements, discussions, hikes, exhibitions, quizzes, competitions and even more various activities will be organized throughout Lithuania. The main goal of this year is to enhance the awareness of the importance of tangible cultural heritage while celebrating the Centennial of restored Lithuania, as well as the European Year of Cultural Heritage.

All European Heritage Days events are free.

The full program is available on the website:

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