Over 60 Cross-Border Heritage Activities Available in Extremadura

In the year dedicated to shared European heritage, European Heritage Days in the western Spanish region of Extremadura will cross both physical and metaphorical borders.

Over 60 activities will be organised on multiple locations in Extremadura and Portugal, highlighting the historic richness and diversity of the region’s cultural heritage. The activities have started in May and will be taking place through December to bring a detailed look into the region’s architectural, industrial, religious, bibliographical, and architectural heritage.

As a historic crossroad of cultures, Extremadura offers some of the most inspiring European Heritage Days experiences every year. In 2016, it presented an incredible story of its cultural closeness to the Banat region in Romania. This year, the organisers will extend the explorations of shared history and present new aspects of its shared heritage.

European Heritage Days 2018 in Extremadura

Collaborating with numerous local associations, as well as public and private cultural institutions, Extremadura offers a programme that closely follows the European Heritage Days common theme The Art of Sharing. The events focus on unveiling multicultural influences in the region by revisiting its remarkable heritage sites and monuments, as well as traditional customs of local communities.

A number of small towns from across the region has joined the celebrations, making it possible to meet the people of Extremadura, learn more about their environmen, and discover their centuries-old traditions. Tours, walks, workshops, and exhibitions are a part of the programme, uncovering the region’s marvellous history and landscapes packed with forests, natural greenery, and authentic nature.

Some of the experiences that will be available to visitors in the upcoming months include an opportunity to discover the secrets of making traditional sweets in Santiago de Alcántara (Cáceres), trace the history of writing in Calamonte (Badajoz), and explore the archaeological site Madinat Albalat in Romangordo (Cáceres). A special family event will be organised by the Dehesa Tierra association in Garganta la Olla (Cáceres), while the young are invited to participate in a heritage exploration activity organised by the region’s Cabinet of Cross-Border Initiatives in Maçao, Portugal.

Supported by Red Extremeña de Desarrollo Rural and the General Directorate of External Action of Junta de Extremadura, Cabinet of Cross-Border Initiatives, this year’s European Heritage Days events in Extremadura will be an impressive celebration of shared European history and culture. The programme once again stands out among the other creative interpretations of this year’s European Heritage Days theme and it invites everyone to get involved.

For more information about the events and the full programme of activities, visit this page.