Caledon Beam Engine House

Mill Street, Caledon, Co Tyrone BT68 4TU
September 8th, 2018 - September 8th, 2018
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One of only eight surviving beam engines in Ireland, the Caledon Beam Engine is all that remains of Caledon Woollen Mill.  The Beam Engine is an impressive example of Ireland's industrial archaeology and is unique in the sense that it is the last remaining housed Beam Engine in Ireland and thus of immense historical importance.  The Caledon Beam Engine is an integral part of the building which encloses it since the framework which supports the rocker beam rests on metal girders, the ends of which are built into the side walls.   For this reason, it is known as a 'house-built' engine.  The Engine House was restored in 2012/13, the Beam Engine awaits restoration.  Sat. 10.00-12.00

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