Govanhill Baths

99 Calder Street, Glasgow, G42 7RA
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18 - 19 September 2021

18 September 2021 (10, 11:30, 1, 2:30) 19 September 2021 (10, 11:30, 1, 2:30)
Glasgow Doors Open Days Festival Govanhill Baths is a Category B Listed
Edwardian Baths and Washhouse in Govanhill. Completed in 1917, it is the only
surviving building of its type in Glasgow. The building was designed by A.B.
McDonald and houses three swimming pools, a Turkish Suite, slipper baths, and
a large washhouse or steamie. For almost a century it sat at the heart of
Govanhill's diverse and vibrant community. In 2001, faced with the imminent
closure of the baths by the council, local people occupied the building in
what became the longest continual occupation of a civic building in British
history. This historic campaign saw the baths saved for future generations,
and the creation of a Trust to oversee a complete refurbishment of the
building. This work is currently underway, and the building is due to reopen
as a community wellbeing centre in 2022. The Doors Open Days tours are a
chance to see behind-the-scenes of this hugely ambitious refurbishment, and
get a sneak peek at this beloved building as it is restored to its former
glory. Booking is essential - check back on this page on 1 September for the
booking link. Facilities Not Accessible
Architect: AB MacDonald Building Date: 1917

99 Calder Street, Glasgow, G42 7RA

55.8379844, -4.2633921