Hawick - Exploring the Town's Heritage

High Street, Hawick, TD9
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04 - 05 September 2021

4 September 2021 (Online) 5 September 2021 (Online) DigiResources Scottish
Borders Hawick has a long and colourful history, stretching back as far as the
12th century. It flourished with the arrival of the industrial revolution, in
particular with the expansion of the knitwear and textile industries for which
it is known. The urban feel of the High Street has given rise to the title of
'Glasgow in miniature'. The Conservation Area Regeneration Scheme is focussed
on the town's High Street, and includes a number of priority buildings such as
Glenmac Mill, the former Liberal Club and The Queen's Head. Digital Resources
Exploring the Town's Heritage The digital activity for Doors Open Days will
provide the community of Hawick and further afield an opportunity to learn and
explore some of the town's rich heritage. It will include a variety of old
photographs, film footage and historical documents on the three priority
buildings, the High Street and the surrounding textile mills. The activity
will provide a glimpse into the building's pasts, a time when they were in
their prime through the various decades, the people involved with them and any
interesting noteworthy facts. The activity is provided in collaboration
between Alchemy, Hawick Archaeological Society and Hawick Conservation Area
Regeneration Scheme. Watch a short film!
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High Street, Hawick, TD9

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