Hawick Museum Digital Exhibition - Ancient Egypt Discovery

Hawick Museum, Wilton Lodge Park, Hawick, TD9 7JL
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04 - 05 September 2021

4 September 2021 (Online) 5 September 2021 (Online) DigiResources Scottish
Borders Since the mid-1800s people have brought back artefacts from all over
the world to Hawick Museum - some of these are from Ancient Egypt. By 1906,
Hawick Museum had a fair collection of Ancient Eqyptian items: figures, prayer
slabes - and pots. The collection of pots - all of them three to four thousand
years old - were at some time put in storage and, over time, forgotten. They
were rediscovered in the early 2000s by museum staff - and their significance
revealed in collaboration with experts. The pots had been excavated by
archaeologist John Garstand in his dig at Esna in Upper Egypt in 1905. The
rediscovered pots and other Egyptian objects were shown in an exhibition in
Hawick Museum which then toured the region and was seen by many visitors,
local people and school pupils. Here we show some of our Ancient Egypt
collection, including our pots. Digital Resources Digital Exhibition The
digital gallery explores the Ancient Egypt collection and shares the story of
how and why it came to Hawick. It shares a range of artefacts, some of which
are displayed in he museum but many more usually kept in store. This is the
first time we have explored the collection as a digital display. Immerse
yourself in a virtual exhibition!
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Hawick Museum, Wilton Lodge Park, Hawick, TD9 7JL

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