Test-pitting, Mesolithic site, Kincardine O’Neil, Deeside

Kincardine O‘Neil field by river Dee, AB34 5DG
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30 September 2021

Test-pitting, Mesolithic site, Kincardine O’Neil, Deeside Archaeological Dig
Kincardine O‘Neil field by river Dee, AB34 5DG mesolithicdeeside@outlook.com
07581181057 30th September 2021 @ 10:00 Mesolithic Deeside are carrying out
test pitting at a newly identified Mesolithic site at Kincardine O’Neil. We
found a flint scatter in 2018 and are looking for remains of hearths and post-
holes. Everyone welcome – volunteers, students, families, experienced and
inexperienced. Full training will be given. Get in touch for more details.
Background: This is one of the first fields that Mesolithic Deeside
fieldwalked in 2018 and it was a frozen day which meant that we had to hack
the flints from the frozen ground. We were very excited to find a range of
Mesolithic blades and cores on this field, which had not been walked
previously and was, therefore, a new site for the Sites and Monuments Record.
The test pitting will allow us to see what the underlying deposits can tell us
about the site. Are there pits or hearths surviving or have they all been
ploughed out? What do the underlying sands and gravels tell us about what the
river was like in the past? This project has been supported by the Marr Area
Small Project Fund, the King George V Wind Farm Fund and Bread of Life. We are
hoping to have local schools involved as well as plenty of volunteers
depending on the Covid situation. The headteacher of the local primary school
has committed to send all their classes. Ann Clarke (@AnnClarkeRocks) is our
lithic specialist and she will report on all the finds as she has done from
the start of the project. She has also been training members of our group who
are now highly skilled at identifying and reporting on the flints. Address:
Kincardine O'Neil field by river Dee, AB34 5DG Email Address:
mesolithicdeeside@outlook.com Telephone Number: 07581181057 Website Address:
https://www.mesolithicdeeside.org/ Start Date: 2021-09-30 End Date: 2021-10-04
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Kincardine O‘Neil field by river Dee, AB34 5DG

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