The Greek Thomson Sixty Steps

Queen Margaret Road, Glasgow, G20 6DB
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18 - 19 September 2021

18 September 2021 (10-5) 19 September 2021 (10-5) Glasgow Doors Open Days
Festival The Sixty Steps sweep round an imposing retaining wall above the
Kelvin valley. Originally approached from the first Queen Margaret Bridge,
known locally as Walker's bridge, this impressive structure was pivotal in the
development of the still rural North bank of the Kelvin. Alexander Thomson was
commissioned to design a structure both practical and fanciful; practical in
that it created a level south facing area for the building of attractive
tenements and fanciful as can be seen in his idiosyncratic designs, including
embedded columns, arrow slits, a 'door' and a 'fireplace' . The Steps and wall
are unique as Thomson's only civic structure. A pleasure garden sits at the
top of the wall. Fine views down to the Kelvin valley can be seen through the
pillared lookout point known as the Belle Vue. Booking not required!
Facilities Limited Access
Architect: Alexander 'Greek' Thomson Building Date: 1872

Queen Margaret Road, Glasgow, G20 6DB

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