Walk: Old Glasgow Markets

242 Gallowgate, G1 5AX
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18 - 19 September 2021

18 September 2021 (2pm; 90 mins) 19 September 2021 (2pm; 90 mins) Glasgow
Doors Open Days Festival This tour aims to uncover Glasgow’s fascinating and
complex food market history, narrating stories of food and how its
relationship with the people has changed throughout the centuries. Urban
development and industrialisation have modified the cityscape and the advent
of supermarkets led to significant changes in the use of local markets -
except The Barras - where local Scottish produce and more exotic ingredients
used to coexist on the stalls. The trail will start here, at the Barras, and
will bring the visitors to the nearby former markets to show how strong the
connection between the history of these buildings and the people of Glasgow
was. The tour will highlight the role these markets played in social cohesion
as a meeting point for generations of Glaswegians. Glasgow, which has received
the Bronze award from Sustainable Food Places and has the goal of becoming a
Carbon Neutral City in 2030, has become a magnet for very interesting
sustainable projects. The tour will finish at the premises of an organisation
with social values, which connects local produce, food, and people. This event
will underline the growing trend of small, local businesses which produce, and
/or serve sustainable and healthy foods. Meeting point: Barras Market (at
Archways). Facilities Limited Access

242 Gallowgate, G1 5AX

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