Arts and Entertainment Take Centre Stage at European Heritage Days in Sweden this September

From 6 to 8 September heritage enthusiasts in Sweden will gather to celebrate the country’s cultural heritage. Kulturarvsdagen will explore the common theme - “Arts and Entertainment” with a series of heritage-inspired tours, workshops, talks, concerts and exhibitions countrywide.

Organised by The Swedish National Heritage Board in collaboration with Sweden’s Local Heritage Federation and the Working Life Museums Co-operation Council, the festival works each year towards the preservation of local cultural heritage and celebration of its links to Europe.

From Lapland to Skåne, creative events promoting diverse art and entertainment forms will testify to the power of arts to generate a unifying and inclusive community space. Various organisations, institutions and heritage groups from all 25 regions of Sweden will contribute to the 2019 European Heritage Days programme, which is available here.

Visitors in Halland will enjoy a diverse programme, including art exhibitions and cabaret performances at the Boat Museum in Onsala, and a visit to the dairy exhibition in Årstad.

Foto: Isabell Gustafsson, CC BY. Göran Schmidt/Livrustkammaren, Public Domain. Lars Lundqvist, CC BY. (CC BY)

On 8 September a guided tour of Falu Mine in Dalarna will reveal some of the most extraordinary artwork made of bronze, gold and silver from the local mine. On the same day, visitors will be able to enjoy a scenic view, local art and fresh waffles during a guided tour in Rösåsen.

Uppland invites visitors to explore the three Royal Academies in Stockholm, The Tobo Mill Museum, and a children’s fairy tale at the magical 18th century Drottningholm Castle Theatre.

These and many other exciting events will continue the successful tradition of European Heritage Days in Sweden.

With a special focus on activities for children and young adults, European Heritage Days 2019 in Sweden is offering a colourful programme aimed at promoting the treasures of arts and entertainment heritage.

More information about the events can be found on the official website of The Swedish National Heritage Board and their Facebook page.