European Heritage Days 2019 in the Czech Republic Explore the Connection Between Monuments and Entertainment

The Czech Republic has announced its participation in European Heritage Days 2019. From 7 to 15 September, communities across the country will celebrate the heritage behind “Monuments and Entertainment.”

The Czech Republic has participated in European Heritage Days since 1991. The passionate work of official organisations, cultural and government institutions, National Coordinators, associations, heritage groups and individuals has created a thriving celebration which grows each year.

The Czech Tradition in the European Context

By honouring shared European values, the programme of the European Heritage Days in the Czech Republic is aimed at promoting local, regional and national traditions with a view to their international significance. Cultural exchange that deepens mutual understanding and awareness is one of the core concepts behind the EHD celebrations in the Czech Republic.

With a view to to providing new ways of of accessing cultural heritage, the EHD 2019 will provide a different perspective on cultural sites in the Czech Republic. This September, the links of local heritage to the history of arts and entertainment practices will take centre stage.

Rediscovering Monuments through Entertainment

Children, young people, students and their families will be given the opportunity to take part in a wide range of events dedicated to discovering the rich heritage of entertainment in the Czech Republic and the ways it relates to broader European cultural traditions. Concerts, shows, theatrical performances, workshops and dedicated guided walks will be organised country-wide to show the relationship between the places and the entertainment forms they have housed over the centuries. From traditional puppetry to live music performances, the EHD 2019 will spotlight all forms of performance arts and monuments connected to it, which provide the Czech contribution to the diverse European mosaic of cultural expression.

2018 Milestones

The 2018 heritage celebrations offered multiple layers of exploration in the Czech Republic. The European Year of Cultural Heritage 2018 coincided with the national celebrations of the 50 years of independence and marking a century since the Treaty of Versailles and the end of World War I. Czech history and its European roots were at the forefront throughout 2018 heritage events. 

Czech traditional puppetry heritage was featured in the EYCH 2018: Cultural Heritage in the Live Performance publication dedicated to promoting traditional heritage skills and crafts.

Apart from providing avenues for exploring various forms of entertainment, the events hope to inspire younger generations to seek new ways of discovering heritage. 

The full programme will be announced on the website of the Association of Historic Settlements in Bohemia, Moravia and Silesia, as well as on the country’s page on our portal.