European Heritage Days in Poland 2019

The 27th edition of the European Heritage Days in Poland will take place on 7-8 and 14-15 September! The theme "Polish knot" shall accompany a series of open and free-of-charge events throughout the country, bringing us back to the world of ancient history, traditions and customs, depicting the multicultural heritage that Polish heritage is woven from.

As part of the European Heritage Days in Poland, a variety of educational events are scheduled, including lectures, meetings with travellers and regional experts, workshops, cooking shows, sightseeing tours, walks, concerts, shows and games for children. This year visitors can choose from a programme containing nearly 700 projects tailored to all tastes.

Polish cultural heritage of knots

One of the most interesting events included in the rich agenda will be a visit to the historic William Lindley Filter Station Complex in Warsaw, which is unique in Europe due to the fact that it has been preserved in excellent condition and operated in accordance with its original purpose. The Silesian Province will amaze us with an exhibition of wool processing and sheep grazing traditions in a shepherd's hut, whose indispensable elements will be all kinds of buckets, kettledrums, wooden cheese moulds and many other vessels and shepherding equipment. During the workshops in Łódź, visitors will be able to explore the secrets of Łowicz bead embroidery, while in Kraków they will have the opportunity to explore the skills of traditional bobbin lace. For lovers of evening walks, the Polish Theatre in Bielsko-Biała organised a night tour of the corners of the historic building, inaccessible to the public on a daily basis. The youngest visitors will enjoy special attractions, including the field game Knot of the Centuries - a true story in Siedlęciny, during which the contestants will discover the wealth of intangible heritage surrounding the over 700-year-old historical tower and the traditions and stories of both former and contemporary inhabitants of the Bóbr Valley. A detailed calendar of these and many more events is available at

The opening ceremony in Wschowa

The ceremonial opening of the upcoming edition of the European Heritage Days has already become a tradition. This year the official inauguration will be held on 7th September in Wschowa. The event is held under the National Patronage of the President of the Republic of Poland Andrzej Duda.

The theme of this year's edition, the "Polish Knot", bears many meanings. It refers to the events that were shaping the Polish borders after 1918 and the process of reconstructing the country after the years of partitions. In a practical sense, it is a perfect opportunity to present the history of Polish fashion, tailoring, craftsmanship, weaving traditions, as well as historic buildings associated with the textile industry!

The programme of this year's European Heritage Days in Poland offers the chance to have some great fun while discovering our shared heritage!