Georgia to Honour its Outstanding Cultural Legacy in 2018

The themes of heritage protection, engagement, sustainability, and innovation will be under spotlight in Georgia throughout 2018.

In addition to the European Heritage Days that the country traditionally celebrates in September, this year citizens will have an array of new opportunities to rediscover their past, explore their traditions, and learn more about the shared European values. As announced in the recent press release, Georgia is joining European Year of Cultural Heritage and is ramping up for an extended programme of cultural activities.

Museums at the Forefront

The most prominent place in the celebrations will be given to the country’s various museums. Whether as part of European Heritage Days, European Year of Cultural Heritage, or during the annual Night at the Museum Week in Georgia, Georgian museums will be housing numerous exhibitions dedicated to outstanding people, events or traditions that made Georgia what it is – a land of rich cultural diversity.

One of the highlights of the programme will be the opening of the new Bolnisi Museum. Built on an important archaeological site, the new building will house the ancient pieces discovered in Sakdrisi Gold Mine, one of the world’s oldest gold mines that is believed to be dating back up to 5,000 years. In addition to this historic significance, the museum will also provide an incredible educational and cultural value. As Georgian Minister of Culture, Mikheil Giorgadze announced back in 2015, the building will serve as a “cultural-educational centre that contains a museum and research-educational components as well."

Photo: Sakdrisi Gold Mine, Source: Wikipedia

Further emphasising the themes of innovation and protection, the Georgian National Museum is planning to launch a website and a digital display devoted to Jewish heritage in Georgia.

Finally, the role of museums in the cultural heritage preservation will be the key topic of a number of conferences that will be organised by the International Council of Museums throughout the year.

The 2018 Milestones

Other notable heritage events in Georgia in 2018 will include exhibitions honouring the legacy of Georgian writers Sulkhan-Saba Orbeliani and Niko Nikoladze, the celebrations of the 100th anniversary of Georgian cinema, as well as reflections on the works of local painters under Soviet repressions and European architects in resort town Borjomi of the 19th and 20th centuries.

Considering the activities announced and the focus of the celebrations, there is no doubt that Georgia’s citizens will enjoy an incredible year for exploring the rich historical and cultural identity of the country within the scope of shared European identity. By highlighting outstanding people, events, places, and values that constitute the Georgian and European identity, European Year of Cultural Heritage will bring a new vibe to the cultural life of the country.

Featured photo: Georgian National Museum