Germany to explore Breakthroughs in Art and Architecture at European Heritage Days this September

Germany is preparing for a special European Heritage Days festival this year. Tag des offenen Denkmals (Open Monuments Day) will honour the 100th anniversary of the Bauhaus art school. The theme “Modern (e): Breakthroughs in Art and Architecture” commemorates one of the most important events in art history of Europe, also aligning with the common theme of European Heritage Days – “Arts and Entertainment”.

On 8 September, thousands of important cultural and historical buildings will open their doors to millions of visitors for Open Monuments Day. Exploring the concept of ‘modern’ in different epochs and in different art and architecture forms, the festival is inviting organisers and visitors alike to discover how each breakthrough has shaped our common heritage landscape.

100 Years of Bauhaus

Founded in 1919 by Walter Gropius, the Bauhaus still represents a  significant breakthrough of its own. Aiming to create works of art in which all disciplines participated in the creation of art and architecture that served a social purpose, the idea of the Bauhaus developed from ambitions for equality and multiculturalism cherished by European nations.  Despite its closure just fourteen years later in 1933, it remained one of the most influential schools of architecture, art and design in Europe.

To  demonstrate that the ideas that originated in Bauhaus are still part of the European cultural identity, Open Monuments Day in Germany are inviting visitors to explore different revolutionary ideas  and  technical advances over the centuries. The festival’s events will inspire new insights into how different breakthroughs brought about new art and architectural forms. Visitors will also be able to learn about the different social, cultural and political contexts behind the innovations.

From its launch event in January to the Triennale der Moderne events in September and October, the Bauhaus centenary programme lasts the entire year. The German Minister of Culture, Monika Grütters, has highlighted the universal and time-transcending character of the ideas that originated in the Bauhaus school:

"[The programme] offers a great opportunity to inspire many people for the ideas of the Bauhaus and to show how relevant the ideas of the 'Bauhausers' are for a cosmopolitan and liberal society to this day."

One of the most important highlights of the centenary taking place on 8 September, is the opening of the Bauhaus Museum Dessau. Visitors at Open Monuments Day will have an exclusive opportunity to see the Bauhaus Dessau Foundation’s unique collection on display.

Following up on the success of the last year’s 25th anniversary celebrations where several millions of visitors experienced the heritage behind thousands of monuments and venues, Open Monuments Day 2019 in Germany is preparing another spectacular anniversary celebration. The rich cultural programme will inspire visitors to trace shared European heritage among the revolutionary artworks that shaped the cultural landscape of the world.  

More information is available on the Open Monuments Day website.