History Revisited at European Heritage Days 2019 in Belarus

From 17 to 18 September, Belarus showcased its most valuable heritage treasures as part of European Heritage Days. Each year, European Heritage Days in Belarus inspire great interest and provide a unique heritage experience for numerous visitors in a special chace to explore the heritage that connects us.

This year, the opening event took place in the historic city of Polotsk. The outstanding cultural heritage of the oldest city in Belarus served as the ideal background for the beginning of another season of heritage exploration. The city’s historical sites, vibrant cultural life and striking architecture inspired visitors to embark on a journey through history.

The Ministry of Culture of the Republic of Belarus and the Spaso-Efrosinievsky Monastery, with the support of the Council of Europe Information Point in Minsk, organised an International Scientific and Practical Conference. Titled “Spaso-Preobrazhensky Church in Polotsk: issues of study and restoration” the conference took place on the opening day of the festival. Over 80 specialists from different countries involved in the restoration works of the church participated in the conference. Building upon the main ideas behind the European Heritage Days initiative, the main goal of the international conference was to underline the importance of the future conservation of the cathedral’s spiritual, historical, cultural and artistic value. Additionally, the conference emphasised the overall significance of the promotion of cultural and historical heritage within a wider European context.

Recognised by UNESCO, the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Church in Polotsk stands as a living archive of the country’s historical, spiritual and cultural history. 

Another event during the festival was dedicated to the 12th-century church. The capital of Belarus hosted an exhibition featuring the works of art inspired by the Spaso-Preobrazhensky Church in Polotsk.

By celebrating and rediscovering local history through monuments and interesting traditions, European Heritage Days in Belarus have once again inspired many visitors to learn more about their living environments and shared values.  Belarus' cultural heritage provided a unique insight into a vibrant mosaic of shared European heritage.  

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