Rediscovering Heritage of the Living Arts in Luxembourg

Luxembourg has announced its participation in the European Heritage Days 2019 at a dedicated launch event.

Four speakers, including the Minister of Culture, Sam Tanson, announced that Luxembourg will be exploring the common theme “Arts and Entertainment” during this autumn's heritage events.

From 20 to 29 September, thousands of visitors will have an opportunity to enjoy in a series of special events designed to mark the richness and diversity of cultural heritage of Luxembourg. They would also be able to rediscover some of the most significant aspects of local cultural heritage through exploration of different arts and entertainment features that formed the cultural identity of Luxembourg through history. 

The tangible and intangible components of the heritage of arts will be explored in a variety of creative ways. Theatres, museums and other cultural buildings will host numerous events, conferences and workshops in order to provide better understanding of the history and architecture of these emblematic sites and their impact on the development of artistic scene in Luxembourg. Further exploration of the connection will be enabled through theatrical guided tours, concerts, plays and exhibitions that will be organized in historically significant sites.

The successful launching event included informative and inspirational presentations by the National EHD Coordinator, Beryl Brück, and Alice Fey, responsible for cultural policy at Conservation régionale des monuments historiques (CRMH), DRAC Grand Est. Brück reflected on the last year’s achievements throughout the European Heritage Days and the European Year of Cultural Heritage. Around 265,000 people took part in 169 heritage-oriented projects in Luxembourg in 2018. Expressing gratitude to national coordinators, local authorities, cultural associations, private groups, as well as to thousands of volunteers for their exceptional work, the National Coordinator stated a desire for Luxembourg to continue in this manner during the September celebrations of its rich cultural heritage. Furthermore, Brück invited citizens, non-profit organizations, foundations, and groups dedicated to cultural heritage as well as private or public cultural institutions to organise dedicated projects in the form of interesting events, guided tours, concerts, exhibitions, plays, conferences, workshops that are linked to the common theme. The call for applications is open with the project submission form and a complete list of guidelines available on the official website: . Similarly, Alice Fey reminded of the origins of the European Heritage Days initiative, and then continued to highlight some of the most important features of the 2019 events in France. The event finished with a group conversation.

With an aim to inspire cultural sharing and the interest for the conservation and protection of the cultural heritage among all generations, Luxembourg has set out to utilize a wide variety of creative methods of the people behind the projects in order to discover the exciting world of arts and entertainment. The full programme of events, set to be released from June, will include more information about how locals and visitors to Luxembourg can get involved with the 2019 European Heritage Days celebrations.

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