Strategy 21: European Cultural Heritage Strategy for the 21st century

The European ministers responsible for cultural heritage from the 50 States Parties to the European Cultural Convention met in Namur (Belgium) on 23-24 April 2015 for their 6th Conference entitled “Cultural heritage in the 21st century for living better together. Towards a common strategy for Europe”. The Conference was held in the framework of the Belgian Chairmanship of the Committee of Ministers of the Council of Europe and concluded with the adoption of the Namur Declaration to define the objectives for a European Heritage Strategy.

This “Strategy 21” redefines the place and role of cultural heritage in Europe and provides guidelines to promote good governance and participation in heritage identification and management, and disseminates innovative approaches to improving the environment and quality of life of European citizens. It sets challenges, recommends actions and highlights best practice to be followed by all actors and stakeholders – governments, local authorities, civil society and professionals. Strategy 21 is based upon and comes in support of existing Council of Europe conventions in the field of heritage, in particular the Faro Convention on the Value of Cultural Heritage for Society

With the launch of the Strategy 21 website, now is the time for policymakers, stakeholders and citizens to get involved and make a difference in the way heritage is managed.

Strategy 21 offers you recommendations and concrete courses of action as part of its three components: Social; Territorial and Economic Development; and Knowledge and Education. Explore the website to find out how you can apply recommendations to overcome challenges in your local area.

Recommendations are supported by examples of good practices for you to gain inspiration from the ideas and experiences of others from across Europe. Do you have an initiative that applies the recommendations of Strategy 21 and want to share your knowledge for the benefit of others? If yes, please Submit your entry today!

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Strategy 21: European Cultural Heritage Strategy for the 21st century